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It looks like that whole no prospects thing is a big flop.

But, not because I've broken my resolution.

Just in time though...thursday I have plans to hang out with M from before, but I was sort of wishy-washy on how I felt about it all, considering my resolution and all.

Regardless, tonight I arrived home and there two of my housemates were with a cute guest whom I've had an eye wobbling over before. We've never really spent any significant time together, but I've had my ears open when talking to her before, and only heard 'boyfriend' and let the thought crawl away.

However, I was with one of said housemates in his room when the other came by and relayed a message of 'M (this is a different M) has a crush on you and she wanted me to pass it along,' to which I responded, 'Well, you can let her know I have a crush on her as well!'

Which elicited the most marvelous squeak from housemate Two. (Two, btw is C, who still shows up on the front page of my journal from before. She's engaged to my good friend I, who is housemate One. This is awesome, because now I can be friends with C, which is really quite optimal since I really enjoy hanging out with her.)

M had left by this time though, so there was no eye-fluttering, shoe-gazing confrontation, I think for the better.

I spent the rest of the evening helping clean up from dinner and talking to C about this M. C sent her my words a little earlier and apparently her response was much like mine- a probe for more information.

This could be quite the thing!

Mutual crushes are a good sign, I think. And, from all I got from C- M sounds amazingly right. Not to mention that dinner with her tonight was completely satisfying, with an unfinished aftertaste.

More word to come, but of course you know that.
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