allegory (r) wrote,

With mane in hand- the braids and bows.

So, I was already aware of this, but she came out and said it—she has a long term guy (since she was way too young to make such a romantic obligation) who's currently out of the country, but whom will be coming back soon. The verbiage was, after ___(date), no promises. My response was, well, no promises is better than no chance, and also, that I'm willing to take that risk. I think things just might go well...but, I'll petition higher power nonetheless. Tomorrow night we're supposed to go out.

This is definitely a strange situation, but not irreconcilably so. I have about a month and a half to be as myself as possible to see what might come of things. Really, my greatest difficulty is being real and comfortable when I'm really horribly nervous at the most inopportune moments—and yet I refuse to take reparative drugs.

She's pretty god damn on cu(t)e.

I hope this goes my way.

Please let me stop worrying around M.

I need something just this one time. It's important. No favors, no gifts, just give me to me.

Once that's done, I'll take care of drawing her closer. Where's my courage when I need it Mr. Oz?

Let's just have no flower pot crowning moments.
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