allegory (r) wrote,

an easy kind of fall

is when you aren't falling at all. I'm a Starman.

there is a spring, advance copy, settling in with a double entendre.

i do not shuffle off, but here's the catch— the bottle has one, and now i don't.

so here's to sitting sturdily on the wagon.

So, as far as an update, M called it off as perhaps she realized she actually had some respect for me and needed to be honest. So, that was good, an honest let down rather than a strung along push. However, I now find myself in a position which may entail two girls, an E and a T. The first one is Extra and the second Terrestrial. I don't know what the deal is with Extra, but Terrestrial is a slow lunge, with an idea firmly in hand. Terrestrial is an old long story (from the fall, when the drink was still sloshing around between my thumb and fore-finger), and Extra is completely new. I'm not at all sure what will happen with either, and neither have I gotten a solid clue what Extra thinks. It's difficult with a new species to examine the thoughts. Terrestrial just came out and started discussing the issues at hand. That may be on track. But Extra may be extra.
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