June 15th, 2007



many of these things circle 'round, spinning just right until something strikes and off they twirl, into the beyond and whisk. I have put myself into many strange situations—some of which have been good and others bad. Last night I did something strange, but it appears it was based on mutual understanding, and there will be no residual discomfort or expectation.

K from last spring is back in town for a few months. I wonder if she reads this or not...being one of few people I've showed (and most probably my reason for lack of frequent updates since then). Expressing these kinds of thoughts is difficult for me when I know people I know might read it, unless I really trust them. Sigh.

In other news, a sweet one has stumbled into my world, but I think perhaps in many ways she is too young for me. Not in the real sense, but in other ways does not seem to have the kind of experience and maturity I have acquired. Otherwise, a very refreshing addition to my world, and a welcome one, if only for a while. I just seem to keep finding ones who have need for ramblin' on, and maybe it is as it should be.