allegory (r) wrote,

ok, so it's been a while

and i need to make note of this intriguing stroke of luck. on the usual subject.

never did i expect to find myself sitting and talking philosophy with a beautiful woman tonight. my track record with approaching people is dismal (are you surprised? look at my method of expressing these kinds of situations) and yet tonight i got extremely lucky and met this really amazing woman, which i can sometimes find myself having difficulty saying ("woman"). But she was.

it is rather unfortunate that i am leaving in a month and a half, but, regardless of having disclosed this, she was insistent that i email her. thrice she said it. i bet she's kicking herself right now for being too insistent, but it was endearing. she made a hasty getaway during this, and i wonder why, but i think maybe she was getting nervous or something as equally innocent. i'm terrible about foreshadowing things to their demise, but i kind of hope maybe something will work out would be terrible pragmatically, but i might not mind, and it might be okay for me to have something inaccessible on my plate while i'm trying to focus on school...she would be quite a catch. Though, am I insane? Probably. Though, I don't have this happen quite like this all that often...or, do I? Insane.

Oh, and her blog is amazing. Swoon. It doesn't really compare to my pale efforts over the past few years. My blogging has, let's say, run its course for the most part. I think I have had so much of the blog world that I dare say I feel like I'm over it. Except I'm not, I just haven't quite felt ready to enter the adult blogging world. By which I mean, I like blogging about myself, for myself. Or, I like using my real blog as a syndication tool, not necessarily to craft fiction, essays, or whatnot. I'm not feeling those things at the moment, though I'm persistently wishing I was. I chalk it up to being obsessed with other modes of production, though I find it a paltry excuse.

Anyhow. Whoa. Strange way to meet someone and then find out they were totally what they portrayed themselves as. Has a daughter, didn't mention that. But who would? This I can understand.

Okay, now just to decide how long before I email her...I hate this part. At least she's internet people, so she probably doesn't have a preconceived notion of swiftness as based on the post office...

Ok, obviously I'm way over-thinking this. Again, are you really surprised?

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